N.T. Narbutovskih



Dust is a FICINT piece I originally wrote for Over the Horizon Journal, looking at what warfare might be like in the near future (20-30 years from now). A Company Commander develops a plan to breach a fortified enemy stronghold, but the contents are stranger and more deadly than she bargained for… Read On

All Those Perfect Moments is a story about growing up in a small town, where everyone knows everyone and the place is more a suggestion than an actual point on the map. But not all small towns are what they seem, and some dreams do come true, for a price. If you knew the cost, what would you wish for? Read On

Command in Complexity was originally published in Over the Horizon Journal and is a non-fiction piece advocating for the institutionalization of trust as an inherent part of military operations and training. It lays out three focus areas that will enable trust in disaggregated or disparate units during future military operations. Read On

Minimum Force is a non-fiction piece published in Air and Space Power Journal advocating for the inclusion of an airborne version of special reconnaissance missions in U.S. Military doctrine. With over two decades of low-intensity conflict and rapidly iterated technology and capabilities, the return to Great Powers Competition discussed in the 2018 National Defense Strategy demands integration of these capabilities into imp the modern American way of war. Read On

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