N.T. Narbutovskih



Speech Writing and Speaking – Pro Bono

Do you need a talk that resonates with your audience, delivers your message, or provides an interesting perspective on your mission? Are you looking to connect creativity, science fiction, geopolitics, or leadership with your why? Reach out!

Certified Creative Coaching

Using Lego Serious Play methods and other techniques, partner with me to discover new and better ways of accomplishing your goals. I am a certified LSP Coach. Click Here to partner with me!


Want to ensure accurate portrayal of a military unit? Are the politics grounded in rigorous thought and realistic possibility? Do you need someone to work through the Design Thinking process with you to create new ideas and visualize a realistic environment? Leverage 16 years of experience to help you build that masterpiece. Click Here to Book!

Developmental Fiction Editing

Do you have a work of fiction that you need someone else’s eyes on? Are you struggling with a passage, a section, consistent feedback that you can’t quite integrate effectively? I will review your work for you, and provide developmental editing, ideas, recommendations, even create a plot synopsis document to help guide your drafting! Click Here for more!

Developmental Technical Editing

Technical writing is hard work. We’ve all been there; you can’t see the forest for the trees as you spend weeks carefully crafting arguments, researching, formatting, and so on. I can help! Are your claims supported by evidence? Does the evidence relate to the claim? How strongly? Have to proved what you set out to prove? How have the premises all been proven, or established? I will provide the intellectual rigor your work needs to pass muster. Click Here to book a technical writing review!

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