N.T. Narbutovskih


The Future Is What We Make It

The box was large, cubic… Erick saw the glowing panel, symbols in green and gold flowing upward across its face. “Bryn”, he thought. “Damnit.” He recognized what those patterns meant, what must be inside…

Humanity has spread to the stars, a now-peaceful empire that spans a thousand suns. But Erick, Executor of Geneline Ollson, has attacked a rival without the Empress’ permission. His enemies gather to crush him. There’s just one problem.

Erick gave no such orders.

In a desperate bid to prove his innocence, Erick must join forces with an ancient evil, leaving his daughter Bryn to prepare for the coming war. Erick uncovers a secret that leaves him questioning his reality, and between the threat of annihilation by his enemies and the rot at the core of the Empire, the civilization he loves stands at the brink of anarchy.

Will humanity rise, or fall to ashes?

The story continues in Iron on the Tongue…

Praise for Steel in the Blood

“In this sweeping debut novel, Narbutovskih tells a story of futuristic political intrigue set in a richly-imagined universe. The expansive setting, compelling characters, and fast-moving plot make for a great read and promise much more to come. One senses Narbutovskih is just getting warmed up; this is an author and series to watch.” – Mark D. Jacobsen, author, The Lords of Harambee

“Narbutovskih writes like someone who knows the truth about war. The tight narrative combines with an instinctive understanding of characters under the pressure of combat, and the consequences of violence. Steel in the Blood is a compelling and absorbing story from a new author who deserves our attention.” Andrew Chamberlain, award-winning author and host of The Creative Writers Toolbelt

“In the vein of Herbert and Lucas, Narbutovskih artfully weaves together fantasy and science fiction to create a universe more than the sum of its parts: magical, vast, but intimately personal.” -Eric V. Muirhead, Historian and Podcaster

“…I loved this. I would read the everloving crap out of a series set in this universe. It is vibrant, it has a deep sense of history to it, some mysteries, and some absolutely cool tech.” Dr. Nicholas Evans, Associate Professor of Bio and Military Ethics, founder of Rogue Bioethics

“…blends Norse myth and high-octane futurism into …pure narrative. …masterfully conjures visions of haunting legends… A new epic for our era.” -Anthony Tang

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Welcome to the Fantastic Worlds of Author N.T. Narbutovskih

I write stories, mostly science fiction. I sometimes write about stories, why they matter, and to whom they matter. I believe that science fiction can show us what it will be like to live in the future, and more importantly, what the consequences of our actions might be.

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