Fall it has been. I have experienced an absolute whirlwind of activity, from my novel efforts, to working with some amazing people on their own projects, to the beginning of a podcast and further.

I wanted to take a few minutes to just give you all an impression of where I am at and how things are going. All of my pre-order customers have been amazing, and the author community they represent continues to grow daily. It seems like a small number, but it’s absolutely astounding to me that 86 people have signed up for my mailing list. 86 people who are excited about stories and storytelling, 86 people who have all helped to make this first novel a reality, and 86 people to who I owe so much. So big shout out and thank you to all of them, and if you’re reading this, I want you to join them and help tell some pretty amazing stories.

We are closing in on the due date for copy editing. I’ve had several passes from structure, from many professional editors and some truly dedicated amateurs, and I have no doubt that this story and book is going to be so much better because of their monumental efforts and patience. There are a few places where I am adjusting dialogue and interactions between characters, and then it will be pretty much ready to go to copy editing. Looking forward to that, because it means what we are on the home stretch.

After it comes back from copy editing and I adjust the things that they have found, the manuscript will go to layout and we’re off to the races. I’ve already had a couple of meetings with some amazing folks from the art Department to come up with some cover concept ideas, and man are they awesome. Perhaps I’m using the word too much, but I think it’s the only one that really encompasses my feeling right now. Everything is awesome.

Keep your eyes peeled for more updates as we move forward, and perhaps even some sneak peeks on potential covers. If you want to join in on the early reading and see the cover designs first, make sure you put your email into the field on the top right of this page, or sign up from my homepage. Thank you once again to everybody who’s involved in this project, and thank you to all of you who will be involved in the future! Go tell amazing stories!