Good morning wonderful people. Or afternoon, if you’re across the ocean from me. I have noticed a lot of people reading Steel in the Blood over in the UK markets, and I’m absolutely thrilled.

This weekend, 15/16 January, Steel in the Blood will be 100% free on the Kindle store. Please take advantage of this to pick up a digital copy, and I would love to hear what you think of the book via an Amazon or Goodreads review. Please click that link and consider leaving a review!

The paperback of the book is also on the way; I’ve received word that the printer has finished the first print run and the books are on the way. I’m excited to share that experience with you all! You’ll be able to order the paperback from Amazon, or from any brick-and-mortar bookstore via the Ingram list.

Thank you so much to everyone, from readers to editors to awesome supporters. This series is shaping up to be amazing and it’s all because of you!