Spring has finally sprung, at least here, and with the warmer weather comes an exciting time in sunny Florida. Poolside lounging, relaxing at the beach, and so on. It’s too bad I am inside writing every spare moment I get! The book is coming along nicely and clocking in at around eighty-five thousand words. That’s close to 400 pages if I make the pages really small. Hey, if you need a doorstop, you could buy more expensive ones!

I noticed that I’ve fallen prey to one of my own biggest critiques; giving backstory without it happening on the page. A common occurrence for a first draft, though, so not to worry. And it’s only at the very beginning of the newest plotline, so I have plenty of room to fix it. I think I’m going to have several characters sitting around telling stories, not for long, just a few pages, and just enough to get the main idea across. Then it’s back to the action!

If you’re interested in beta reading, some, all, or even a few scenes of this book, please just smash that reply button and let me know. It’s easy enough to tag you in the system, and as a thank you, I’ll be sending out signed hardback first editions.

I’ve been thinking about the phenomenon of Brandon Sanderson kickstarting himself into the $24 million range, and I find it interesting that he’s actually using the same general model of outreach that a lot of us use. Be a good person, engage with your fan base, write good work, and run it like a business. I hope that someday I can afford to bring a hundred thousand people four books every year, but it’s a long road. I’ll be more than happy to bring my books to a few hundred people for now!

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