I have definitely not been writing for very long. I just started getting serious about my adventures into fiction over this last summer, and since then I have gone through resources at a rabid pace. I began mostly just writing as things came to me, without any clear idea of how the story might end or what the characters were truly like. This was gratifying, because it resolved some of the creative itch, but the stories were somewhat meandering and did not have a lot of structure. So while they were fun to write, they were really not that fun to read. Since getting slightly more serious about writing, I have been looking for some good resources for writers, specifically writers of science fiction. One of the best that I have found comes in the form of a podcast called The Creative Writer’s Toolbelt. It delivers some great bite-sized chunks of information that make practical sense and can make writing easier, but more importantly better. I’ve taken to listening to one or two of these on my runs, and even when I’m getting dinner ready at night. While these are geared specifically at people who write for a living, anyone who appreciates fiction will benefit from learning more about the style, functions, and prose associated with really good writing. Why is that book as good as it is? Why did I crush through that story instead of going to bed on time? Hopefully this will be the first of many posts about good writers resources, but for now I do hope you enjoy this podcast. Many thanks to Andrew J. Chamberlain for his excellent content!