If you’ve read the meager offerings I have available, you’ll notice right away that politics, national security, and science fiction are my happy place. The very first fiction story I ever wrote and submitted for publishing was Dust, available via link here on Metastellar. It originally appeared in Over the Horizon Journal, which focuses on Joint All Domain Operations for the United States military.

I have been deeply interested in things related to national security over the last several years, and I found myself wondering what would it look like if all of the things that we are studying and reading and talking about actually came to be. This is where Dust came from, but it’s certainly not the only speculative fiction to be grounded in real modern thought. The next one that stands out in my mind is the inimitable Ghost Fleet. Along the same vein, my friends over at NavyCon have begun a truly insightful and entertaining podcast dealing with science fiction and national security. The Joint Geeks of Staff will entertain you, inform you, and are well worth checking out. They even maintain a Discord server where presenters mix it up with the fandom, and more importantly, people with shared interests in science fiction and national defense can talk!